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Loula George, Mother-Well Director

Loula George, BSc, ND, Dip Herb Med

Mother-Well Director, Naturopath

website: nfwh.co.nz

email: loula@mother-well.co.nz

Due to high demand currently, Loula has had to close her books to new patients so that she can clear her waiting list.

Please call reception on 09 630 0067 to make an appointment with one of her colleagues she is referring to during this time. Loula will reopen her books in September.

(For current clients only)

Loula George is a registered naturopath and medical herbalist specialising in women’s health, fertility and genetic profiling. She has had over 25 years of experience.

Loula supports women with their general and reproductive health from menarche to menopause and beyond.

She is very passionate about natural fertility and preconception health. Loula guides people through a preconception health programme which is designed to increase the chances of conceiving a healthy child for those who are either having problems conceiving or having recurrent miscarriages.

However, it is also for people who have no fertility issues but would like to prepare for a healthy pregnancy to ensure the best start to their baby’s life.

Loula’s work in genetic profiling is a very useful tool when looking at fertility. DNA testing offers a chance to fine tune dietary and lifestyle choices to optimise your own health and thus pass on a stronger, healthier genetic imprint to your children and possibly your grandchildren.

Loula is also involved in teaching and mentoring and runs public health seminars in the community.

For more information on Loula’s work, visit: nfwh.co.nz

Dear Loula, How can we say thank you enough for enabling us to get pregnant?

We are in no doubt that without your help and support we would still be trying to conceive. We felt reassured and so positive with your holistic and professional approach.

When Sam was born he was alert and looking around just like you said. Even now I feel he is reaching his milestones before he should be. Even our doctor/ GP said the way Sam was alert and ‘talking’ at 6 weeks, he would expect more at 3 months old!

We strongly feel we have given Sam the best possible start to life, thanks to your help.


Dear Loula, our journey into parenthood was mysterious and magical. Arriving into your embrace at a time of uncertainty about how we would do this – this doorway into ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’- was deeply right.

Your rich, grounded, radiant hope in life swept us both into the dance we needed to overcome fears and prepare our minds, bodies and souls – for a baby. She came and the pregnancy was bliss. Our birth was sublime – and our daughter is so radiant and healthy. We know our preconceptual preparation was powerful on all levels.

Thank you again for guiding us and gifting us the knowledge and confidence to be truly ready. Georgia’s health is a fine testament to the potency of your work.


I am an academic and scientist by nature and personality. I have 3 university degrees and understand RCTs and stats, and their obvious requirement in scientific research and subsequent findings.

My deepest belief however is a bit spiritual-one cannot ignore the history of innate wisdom from the wise women in the tribe. Loula George is one of these people in my world.

Humans have turned to the maternal knowledge and instinct since the beginnings of our existence and we cannot know the influence this has had on our survival as a species.

My personal fertility situation was unique – as they all are. I was aging at 40, my husband was ancient at 54, and he had no available sperm due to chemotaxic drug therapy for his rheumatoid arthritis.

We had a single sperm sample saved – from which I wanted to create our second child. We turned to fertility specialists, imagining an easy outcome due to our previous proven fertility – Hubble had 4 amazing kids already, one daughter with me, conceived with ease.

The nightmare of fertility treatment began. There were serious mishaps and loss, wastage of precious sperm, and huge financial investment, and all the associated stress. 23 months later, and 5 IVF cycles, with much emotional turmoil and heartbreak of loss later, it came down to one last IVF cycle, one last straw of sperm, and one chance.

I turned to Loula. I spent 6 months seeing her. Her compassion, her guidance, her tonics, her wisdom, her experience, her humility, and deep humanity guided me.

All those around me questioned my path. I suspect they thought I had lost my way on the precarious path of mental health through the fertility minefield. In particular my husband, immediate family, and the bank manager probably.

I stuck with my innate beliefs, that humanity and kindness and spirit will triumph , and that scientific research will often reinforce common sense. So I did tonics, toxic cleansing, diet, and supplement therapies. I had a poppy seed flush performed, and after 6 months of guidance from Loula we decided I was ready for my last ever attempt at IVF.

That was 6 yrs ago. My 5 year old boy is the most beautiful thing that could have ever transpired in my own and my husbands life. We are complete, with my amazing daughter and very precious son. I attribute so much of this outcome to Loula, I cannot speak highly enough of her sound, reasoned, measured and compassionate fertility expertise and incredible lifelong dedication.

I have not hesitated to send every woman I have met following a fertility path in her direction. She is blessed with a skill that goes beyond science and paper research and our community can embrace her work with the acknowledgement it truly deserves.

After 18 months of trying to conceive without any luck, a friend recommended Loula George to us.

I have to confess some initial scepticism over the whole natural fertility/naturopath route as I had always been brought up to believe that if there was something wrong medically, then a doctor of medicine was your best course of action to rectify it. We had tried several forms of fertility treatment (including IUI and IVF) without success and so thought, “what have we got to lose?”

After 5 months with Loula, taking her advice on diet, lifestyle and taking recommended natural supplements, we were overjoyed at becoming pregnant and then subsequently finding out it was twins, naturally conceived.

The babies were conceived 2 months before my 44th birthday and my husband Mike is 41. I have to admit that it wasn’t an easy journey with Loula and at times I got very frustrated and disheartened, but she was so patient and understanding.

With the help of natural supplements, herbs and remedies she addressed certain areas for me that she felt needed support. What I was so grateful to her for was her never ending encouragement and reassurances that there was no reason why we couldn’t conceive. She always said “when you conceive” never “if you conceive”.

At the same time as seeing Loula, I was also undergoing acupuncture treatment with Janine Cuff. Mike and I have no doubt that Loula and Janine helped us achieve our absolute dream and a gift of twins and we cannot sing their praises enough.

Clare and Mike Gibbon