Birth Trauma Resolution

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Birth Trauma Resolution

Maybe you need the space to share your story, to really feel heard. Maybe you need some help to prepare for a subsequent birth or assistance to plan a conversation with your LCM about what you need to feel supported in pregnancy and the birth process. Maybe you have a history of sexual trauma and need to create a Birth Support Plan that will meet your specific needs to feel safe during pregnancy, the birth process and as you transition to parenting.

I am able to offer you that safe space. We can explore your experience, concerns and fears. We can work together to create plans and processes to ensure your significant others and care providers understand your needs and how to meet them.

The combination of talking and letting the body do the talking – via the avenue of body work -allow the benefits of both modalities to alchemise, bringing clarity, direction and resolution to your experience.

The following Mother-Well practitioners specialise in Birth Trauma Resolution:

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