Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

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Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

Naturopathy is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.

It is based on the healing power of nature and it supports and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. In a naturopathic consultation the practitioner will look at the whole picture, including physical, mental, emotional and relational aspects of an individual. In doing so, the Naturopath is able to offer a holistic approach to understand the causal factors rather than just the symptoms in isolation.

The goal is always to return the patient to optimal health and wellness. There is also an emphasis on preventative health care. The Naturopaths at Mother-Well often work closely with allopathic practitioners including GPs and Specialists.

Naturopaths are trained in a number of areas including lifestyle and nutrition, herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation. The Naturopaths primarily specialize in fertility and preconception care, pregnancy including post-natal care, women, children and babies’ health.

The following Mother-Well practitioners specialise in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine:

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