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Christmas Hours

  The Clinic will be closed from Friday 22nd December at 4pm and to 9am on Monday 8th January 2024. Our Dispensary will also be closed as above. The last opportunity to place a Dispensary order for collection will be at 12pm on Friday 22nd December. The last...

Auckland Integrative Medicine Centre has shut down

After 44 years in practice, Dr. Jan Raymond has retired and the Auckland Integrative Medical Centre will no longer operate. Her team, which includes Dr Mish Glauser as well as nurses Sarah Duffy, Deanne Chandler and Sylvan Lockie, will also move on. AIM patients...

Be Wellness Prescription. Feb 2022

Dr. Jan’s BE WELLNESS  Immunity Prescription Breathing Whakanga :  NOSE > belly diaphragmatic slow, prolonged out-breath: in-breath to count 3, out-breath to 5.  Your nose is 1st defence from covid & viruses, to warm, humidify & filter air. When talking...

Climate Health

At Mother-Well, we realise that the health of our planet and our people is in crisis and we must act now to create a viable future. As a group of health practitioners, we are working on implementing the strategies that can best help you and the Earth.

We have created the Climate Health page on our website to share with you what changes in behaviours and habits would have the greatest impact on climate change and your personal health.