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Cranial Osteopathy and child care at Mother-Well

Cranial Osteopathy is a specialised field of Osteopathy. Practitioners first complete a five-year Masters degree in Osteopathy before undertaking extensive postgraduate training in Cranial Osteopathy.

Being a regulated healthcare profession in New Zealand, all Osteopaths are held to rigorous professional standards regarding their scope of practice, registration, ongoing training, and the paediatric certification required for them to treat babies and children. They are able to provide ACC subsidised treatment (when applicable).

Cranial Osteopathy is suitable and effective for all ages, although it is most widely recognised for the treatment of babies and children.

Working with the body’s inbuilt ability to heal and correct, Cranial Osteopaths use their comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with their highly trained sense of touch. This enables them to gain a clear picture of how the various parts of the body are interacting.

By listening carefully and skillfully to the body, the Cranial Osteopath identifies which areas may need support to return to their natural healthy state. Very gentle, yet precise, hands-on techniques are used to facilitate release of tension that may be affecting the function of any of the body’s systems – including the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and the digestive system.

The treatment addresses areas of dysfunction and helps the body to function optimally as an integrated, efficient and comfortable whole.

The following Mother-Well practitioners specialise in Cranial Osteopathy:

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