Pia Wittwer Blaser- OsteopathPia graduated from the University of Bern, Switzerland, in 1998 with a Master of Science in Molecular Biology. Upon relocating to New Zealand, she graduated with honours in 2009 from the Master of Osteopathy program at Unitec, New Zealand.

Pia has a particular interest in visceral osteopathy, used to treat the organ systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. She has completed comprehensive post-graduate training through the highly respected Barral Institute of Visceral Manipulation and is currently studying at the University of Auckland to further specialise in women’s health.

As a mother of three, Pia understands the demands and worries parenting can bring. She feels privileged to support women through their pregnancies and early days with babies, and is passionate about helping mothers look after themselves after birth. Pia believes that osteopathy brings together the best of art and science. She loves her work of facilitating health – by starting from a firm background in scientific thinking and then expanding into an osteopathic approach to the whole person.

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