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Dear Auckland Integrative Medical Centre patients:

Dr. Jan Raymond has announced her retirement  from GP practice  in February  2023.

Jan is retiring as a GP on February 24, 2023.  Auckland Integrative Medical Centre will no longer operate. Sadly, Dr. Mish Glauser is also leaving at the end of January 2023, to enter the NZ College of GPs training program.  You should have all received a detailed email regarding this. If you have not, please check your spam folder. We will be emailing another information letter in January 2023

We will operate as usual until 5pm, 24 February 2023 for any acute or current problems.  However, please do not overload us with appointment requests before I leave, (especially for that shopping list of things you have been meaning to get checked for some time ☺!)  Your new Tend Kingsland GP/nursing team will have all your notes and be happy to see you about any concerns.

As an enrolled patient at Auckland Integrative Medical Centre, you do not need to do anything!   Your medical records will be automatically transferred to Tend Kingsland Medical Centre and their team will provide you with your ongoing primary medical care. You can find information regarding Tend Kingsland at this link:

If you wish to transfer your records to another GP practice, please do so after 1st March 2023, as we do not have the administrative capacity over summer holiday time to transfer more than a few records.

The remaining wonderful team of naturopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, homeopath, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist at Mother-Well will continue to offer their usual natural healthcare services.

The following Mother-Well practitioners are part of the Auckland Integrative Medicine Centre:

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