The science behind why a massage feels so good

Most of us have had a massage and have experienced the blissed out relaxed state we feel afterwards.  This is not just a ‘feeling’ but actual biochemical reactions taking place though out our body that effect our entire being in a positive way.
There have been several studies where researchers took blood samples that measured different markers in the body before, during and after a 45 minute massage.  Every time this was done, in all the people, they found there was a significant increase in dopamine which boosted mood, an increase in the immune killer t cells, a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol ,and remarkably an increase of oxytocin by an average of 17% after they were massaged!
Everybody needs more oxytocin in their lives! It is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter produced in the body which is sometimes called the ‘bonding hormone’ as it makes you feel safe and nurtured, allowing you to be more loving and trusting towards others.  It is mostly released via touch and it allows our nervous system be in a state we naturally like, – calm and relaxed, with a sense of well being.
Oxytocin also plays an important role during child birth as it stimulates the uterus to contract and labour to progress, contracts uterine muscles after delivery of placenta, and stimulates milk production/let down.  It is also responsible for giving you the the rush of euphoria after natural labour is over.  It needs certain environments for it to be released, so during birthing avoid bright light, and try not to be too stressed as it will inhibit the release of oxytocin.
Don’t worry about having a prenatal massage as it wont cause premature contractions as it only produces contractions when all other birthing factors in place.
Oxytocin can be released from gentle strokes or light pressure so during labour your inexperienced partner can still do alot of good by gently massaging your lower back in a circular motion.  I have seen this as being very empowering for the partner as they feel like they are helping with the birth process, instead of standing there unsure what to do.
Babies especially need oxytocin -loving touch and closeness are critical for them to feel safe, calm, and not overwhelmed. As they are unable to regulate their own nervous system this close contact generates a sense of relaxation and a feeling that all is well and will shape their ability to love and trust others.
Breastfeeding stimulates the release of oxytocin which in turn stimulates your milk secretion and fills you with love and tenderness towards your baby.  Don’t worry If you are unable to breast feed, you can still get surges of oxytocin by holding your baby close while bottle feeding, using a wrap or front pack, massaging their body or simply just cuddling and holding your baby.
Don’t forget about your children or adults in your life, we all could do with some […]

Bowen Therapy Training 23rd & 24th February 2018

Are you interested in learning another modality or changing your career path?
Bowen therapy is a gentle, holistic form of bodywork where everybody benefits. From pregnant women and newborns to the elderly – and everybody in between. You will get to know a wide range of clients with acute and chronic presentations. Bowen is a complementary therapy that supports a person on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Learning this modality will not only teach you the physical application, but will give you insights into the intricate connections between body and mind, and the way a body integrates the treatment. You’ll learn Anatomy & Physiology in practice as well as in online learning modules. This will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to understand Bowen and the human body.
What’s involved in the training and what is the commitment?
You’ll learn the foundation of Bowtech™, the original Bowen therapy, in 6 modules over a period of six months. The modules are scheduled on a Saturday/Sunday, which enables you to continue your work routine without interruption. You’ll be required to make a commitment to all six modules, as they are building on one another – so blocking out the time is important. Students work on each other, as this is body work and therefore important to be able to approach an individual with confidence and respect. You will learn to address a client professionally, how to apply the Bowen moves, and practice the procedures as taught. Training manuals are supplied with the course content.
Who is suitable as a Bowtech™ Bowen practitioner?
If you are currently practicing other healing modalities, Bowen therapy is a wonderful addition to your skills. As it’s gentle in its application, it can be practiced for many years past retirement age without repetitive strain injuries.
If you are thinking about changing your career path, a Bowen therapy practice can be a great start to holistic therapies. You may offer it part time to begin with until you have established a larger client base. An additional bonus is the fact that Bowtech™ is a registered association with the Bowen Academy of Australia, and qualified practitioners receive certification that is recognised in all countries where Bowtech™ is present. Continuous Education modules are in place to ensure members are staying up to date with their skills.
Where do I find out more?
In Auckland, the next course commences 23rd & 24th of February 2019.

For registration, contact Inga von Benzon, registered Bowtech™ instructor
M: 021 540 544
E: or go to for more information


By Loula George ND and Rebekah Paddy ND
For those practitioners who are looking for professional support in the areas of fertility, women’s and children’s health.
Who are we?
Loula and Rebekah are both owners and directors of Mother-Well Holistic Health, an integrated health centre in Mt Eden (see We are lucky to be able to work collaboratively with a group of practitioners to care for the people who seek our help. Consequently we see the incredible benefits that this brings to our clients and our practitioners alike. We would like to extend this to other practitioners in our community that may also benefit from a peer type setting for learning.
After a combined 40 years in their busy clinics Loula and Rebekah are offering the opportunity to share their clinical experience in a small group format.
Who is this for? :
Naturopaths, Medical Herbalists, Nutritionists, New Graduates, Practitioners with an interest in fertility, women’s and children’s health.
Loula and Rebekah will facilitate the sessions. In these sessions, we will encourage a number of participants each session to bring cases they would like support with, so that we may be able to offer our knowledge and experiences as well as have group input.
We will also be covering a health topic each session.

Build confidence as a practitioner
Fill any knowledge gaps in your skill set
Build a stronger practice by increasing your efficacy with cases
Have an opportunity to be part of a supportive peer group community

Venue:  Mother-Well Holistic Health  820 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden
Time: 7pm – 9pm once per month
Cost :  $90 per session
Limited to 10 people per session
For those interested we are offering a free introductory evening on Thursday 25th May,7pm to outline the proposed format of the ongoing sessions and to answer any questions.
Please register for this event by 15th May 2017 by emailing to .


Osteopaths recommend that every newborn baby is evaluated to detect and treat any problems the birthing process might have caused.
Call our reception on 6300067 to book your baby for a 15 min consultation and treatment, free of charge.