Rebecca McKay-Watts, BAppSc (HB), MOst (Hons)

Rebecca McKay Watts - OsteopathRebecca always wanted to help people in some way, and found osteopathy offered the healthcare approach that suited her best. Osteopaths are in a unique position in rehabilitation and allied healthcare. They are able to spend more time with clients and really listen to what they say; they look at the body as a whole, making diagnoses that are informed and cohesive, and offer solutions that are functional and effective.
Rebecca loves being in a profession through which she can assist people make positive changes in their health and lives. The ‘light bulb’ health moments are what keep her interested, learning, and passionate. As well as general osteopathy, she specialises in the treatment of pregnant women, babies, and children. She has attended and continues to attend courses both in obstetrics and paediatrics and has gained experience by working in several osteopathic clinics with a focus on these fields. For Rebecca, supporting and helping a woman throughout her pregnancy is a privilege. Also, helping families who are struggling with feeding issues, colicky or unsettled babies and seeing the difference osteopathy can make continues to be wonderful. Rebecca is also a clinical supervisor for the Masters of Osteopathy programme at Unitec.To find out more, click here

Bowen Therapy Training starting 14 of March 2020

Are you interested in learning another modality or changing your career path?
Bowen therapy is a gentle, holistic form of bodywork where everybody benefits. From pregnant women and newborns to the elderly – and everybody in between. You will get to know a wide range of clients with acute and chronic presentations. Bowen is a complementary therapy that supports a person on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Learning this modality will not only teach you the physical application, but will give you insights into the intricate connections between body and mind, and the way a body integrates the treatment. You’ll learn Anatomy & Physiology in practice as well as in online learning modules. This will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to understand Bowen and the human body.
What’s involved in the training and what is the commitment?
You’ll learn the foundation of Bowtech®, the original Bowen therapy, in 6 modules over a period of six months. The modules are scheduled on a Saturday/Sunday, which enables you to continue your work routine without interruption. You’ll be required to make a commitment to all six modules, as they are building on one another – so blocking out the time is important. Students work on each other, as this is body work and therefore important to be able to approach an individual with confidence and respect. You will learn to address a client professionally, how to apply the Bowen moves, and practice the procedures as taught. Training manuals are supplied with the course content.
Who is suitable as a Bowtech® Bowen practitioner?
If you are currently practicing other healing modalities, Bowen therapy is a wonderful addition to your skills. As it’s gentle in its application, it can be practiced for many years past retirement age without repetitive strain injuries.
If you are thinking about changing your career path, a Bowen therapy practice can be a great start to holistic therapies. You may offer it part time to begin with until you have established a larger client base. An additional bonus is the fact that Bowtech® is a registered association with the Bowen Academy of Australia, and qualified practitioners receive certification that is recognised in all countries where Bowtech® is present. Continuous Education modules are in place to ensure members are staying up to date with their skills.
Where do I find out more?
The next course starts here at Mother-Well Holistic Health in March 2020.
Course dates are:
Mod 1 March 14+15
Mod 2 April 18+19
Mod 3 May 16+17
Mod 4 June 13+14
Mod 5 July 17+18
Mod 6 August 15+16

For registration, contact Inga von Benzon, registered Bowtech® instructor
M: 021 540 544
E: or go to for more information

Mother-Well Dispensary User Policy

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We can issue repeats if you have seen your Mother-Well practitioner within the last three months. If not, please make an appointment to see your Mother-Well practitioner. This is because it is best practice for us to know your case and determine if the supplements you are on are still the best for you.

We offer a courier service. The charge for this is a flat rate of $8. Unfortunately, they do not deliver on weekends. Apologies but we do not offer a postal service.

We cannot send probiotics out over the weekend. We also cannot put probiotics in the letterbox for pick up, unless we deem this necessary.

Supplements that have not been opened may be returned for up to 30 days from purchase date.

Orders that have not been picked up after 14 days will be put back into stock, unless notified of the delay.

Thanks for your cooperation,
Rebekah, Loula and Robyn

Girls Workshop

We welcome Inga von Benzon, Bowen Therapist

Inga will be joining the Mother-Well team in January 2017. She is an experienced Naturopath and Bowen Therapist.
Bowen therapy has been shown to provide relief from a number of health issues including musculoskeletal pain, digestive complaints, migraines and headaches, respiratory conditions, as well as accident related injuries.

Camilla Rombouts NZRN, Dip Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management

camillaCamilla is a registered nurse with training in Body Talk and Ayurvedic lifestyle management and an interest in natural therapies. She is experienced in practice nursing and very much enjoys the family and community focus in this field and the emphasis on prevention of illness. She is passionate about using a mind-body approach in caring for clients. Using traditional nursing skills and knowledge of alternative modalities and natural medicine, she works with clients to create an environment supportive of bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance. She views dis-ease as a way for the body/mind to communicate its’ needs so that a person can continue to learn and grow in life and meet their full potential. In her experience she has observed that if the body/mind is effectively listened to and a supportive environment is provided, balance can be restored often with ease.

Raw Multiseed Crackers [dried in dehydrator]

recipe_02160 grams (1 cup) flax seeds (a.k.a. linseeds), golden or brown
70 grams (1/2 cup) mixed seeds optional ( sesame, sunflower and pumpkin), not toasted
1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt optional
1 teaspoon thyrme, or cumin seeds, or ground chili pepper, or the spice/spice mix of your choice.The night before, put the flax seeds in a medium bowl and add 240 ml (1 cup) water or cover with 2-3 cm water. In another bowl, put the mixed seeds and add water to cover.
In the morning, drain the mixed seeds well, and add them to the soaked and now gel-like flax seeds (these need no draining). Add the salt and paprika, and stir well with a fork to combine.
Spread very thinly on one or two dehydrator trays lined with pieces of non stick baking paper. An offset spatula — the kind you’d use to frost a cake — makes the spreading easier.
Dehydrate at 45°C (110°F) for about 6 hours, until dry and crisp. About 3 hours into the dehydrating, flip the crackers so they will dehydrate evenly. Break into pieces once cooled.
You can more elaborate with putting the linseeds, after soaking into a food processor & blend up with fresh tomato, chopped onion +/- red capsicum …or anything you can dream up.I have even seen recipes to make sweet biscuit crackers… just google flax seed recipes and you will get heaps of recipes and U tube demonstrations. Some have suggested using the oven to dry instead of a dehydrator but would have to be temp controlled very well & minimal or even putting out in hot summer sun, much like some middle east unleaved flat breads are made to dry over several days, but I have not tried that yet, The dehydrator is much easier!!

Coconut Waffles (Grain free)


2tbsp olive oil
3tbsp coconut milk
2 eggs
2 tsp honey
1/8tsp salt
3 heaped tsp coconut flour
1/2tsp baking soda

Stir coconut milk well before measuring Mix olive oil and coconut milk together. In a blender place remaining ingredients. Mix on low speed for a couple of seconds. Add oil and milk mixture and blend till smooth. Yum!!

Green Smoothies

recipe_03Green smoothies are a great way to increase greens in our diet. There are some simple guidelines to follow then the rest is up to experimentation. For the many health benefits visit
Tips: Use 60% organic fresh fruit and 40% raw greens Keep the greens to just a few varieties per smoothie Vary the greens regularly to avoid alkaloids (plants natural defense toxins) building up in your system, say every three or four days Know your greens – make sure what you are eating is safe eaten raw for humans – carrot greens are not recommended, also dock and baby comfrey leaves are too toxic If you have thyroid issues avoid the Brassica family, or be sure to limit them and make sure you are having plenty of iodine (kelp, seaweed, celtic sea salt) Listen to your body – if the thought of a green smoothie that day feels unattractive listen to that. If you feel unwell or tired after a green smoothie consider the ingredients or try lessening the amount, timing or frequency of your smoothie. For those that are sensitive to fruit sugars, you can try savory smoothies using ginger, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, avocado, lime pickle.
Ingredients: Fresh pure water, 1/2 of the desired amount of smoothie you wish to drink or as desired 40% raw greens – keep the flavors mellow – bitter is fine, but hot flavors may not be what you are after. Here is a selection of what I rotate through, certain times of the year are more difficult for variety… parsley, mint, lemon balm, pineapple sage, chicory, dandelion, winter lettuce, miners lettuce, cos lettuce, silver beet (who would have thought after all those traumatic meals as a child), zucchini leaves, cucmber leaves, nasturtium, grape leaves, spinach, kale, brassica leaves – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress, pak choy and tatsoi. There are more, but this will get you going, and give you some ideas for what to plant in your garden.
60 % organic fruit – choose a few or even one of… banana, berries, stone fruit, pears, kiwifruit, feijoa, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and more!
Preparation: Place the water into your blender. If your blender is not very powerful chop your greens and blend half first, adding the next half when the water is green! Add fruit broken or chopped into smaller bits the size of a large walnut shell and all. Blend till smooth. Drink slowly – taking into consideration how much fruit you are ingesting! Store in a jar to travel with. Keeps out of the fridge for half a day at room temperature, and in the fridge for a day. Shake to blend prior to drinking. Enjoy!
NOTE Pineapple’s enzymes will start breaking the protein down within 20 min so your smoothie will start to look a little odd and feel fizzy, stir and consume asap.



1 ½ cup sesame oil
2cups flour (can be gluten free)
1 cup of tahini
3/4cup honey (runny)
1tbsp vanilla extract (careful high in phenols)
1tbsp carob powder

Heat oil in pan on low setting. Add flour stir continuously to break up lumps until mixture is crumbly. Cook until flour is golden brown. Add the tahini and mix to smooth paste. Remove from heat.
Put honey in separate saucepan and bring to boil for one min. Pour hot honey into tahini mix. Stir for 30 secs. Mix remaining ingredients in. Spread into oiled loaf tin, Smooth top with back of spoon set aside to cool. Cover with wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours.
Remove from pan and slice into bars- keep in fridge, will keep for 2 weeks.

Zesty Almond Bars

½ cup whole almonds
1 cup Medjool soft dates pitted
1/2tsp organic ground flaxseed
½ tsp organics chia seeds
Zest of one lemon
Few drops of lemon juice

Roughly chop almonds in food processor/ add remaining ingredients and continue to blend. Press mix into wax paper to form a square- 1cm thick. Dust with ground flaxseeds if too sticky. Refrigerate for 2hours or until firm. Cut into bars

Snacks for sugar free, dairy free and gluten free eating

A few ideas:

Freeze 1/2 a banana with an iceblock stick poked into it as great iceblock alternative.
Smoothies made with frozen bananas and berries with Rice Milk.
Add banana to fruit muffins or replace sugar with half quantity of an alternative sweetener (palm sugar or agave).
Banana pikelets or scones are delicious! Easily frozen and can be gluten free by using rice flour instead.
Plain popcorn or with added extras such as toasted seeds.
Grated apple is a really good way to get something sweet into a child but to keep the blood sugars stable.
Handful of mixed nuts, corn thins and hummus, pesto and tomato, almond butter, carrot/vege sticks with dips.
Boiled egg.

My top recipe book recommendation is Simply Sugar and Gluten Free by Amy Green. Lots of yummy recipes using palm sugar, agave syrup and stevia as replacement sweeteners if any are required. The book is avilable on-line (Fishpond, Book Depository) and Amy green also has a website with some of the recipes on
Some recipes for your family: these are all from the excellent Ceres Organics- Organics in your Kitchen 2011 book. You should be able to pick it up from Ceres.

Inga von Benzon, ND, BT, Dip of Psychology and Counselling

Inga von Benzon - Naturopath & Bowen Therapist
Inga von Benzon is a registered Naturopath and Bowtech® Bowen practitioner working in private practice since 2005. She supports adults and children of all ages with their health and wellbeing.
Bowtech®, the original Bowen technique, is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that supports the musculoskeletal framework, the fascia, nervous system and internal organ system. The body’s integrated response supports circulation, lymphatic drainage, the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. The Bowen Technique may be considered for a wide range of problems associated with physical and mental/emotional signs and symptoms. As this technique is extremely gentle, it is considered appropriate for all ages including babies, and pregnant women right through pregnancy including childbirth. It aims to support a deep sense of overall relaxation, leaving you feeling lighter and freer. Many people, including those in good health, enjoy regular sessions of Bowen Therapy to support optimal health and wellbeing. Inga is also a registered Bowtech® instructor and holds courses here at Mother-Well. For more information, go to
As a Naturopath, Inga specialises in EAV computerised analysis to detect and address underlying causes for presenting signs and symptoms. Exposure to environmental toxins and toxins from other sources can be stressors that influence general health and compromise normal healthy mental/emotional and physical function, including reproductive function. Toxins can include household chemicals, environmental toxins, heavy metals, radiation and more.
Inga guides her clients through the maze of factors that contribute to health and wellbeing. Mental and emotional support plays an important role in her consultations, as does healthy nutrition and lifestyle. All treatment strategies are tailored to the clients’ needs.
Recently, Inga has added a diploma in psychology and counselling to her repertoire and is implementing this knowledge in her naturopathic consultations. She offers online consultations and coaching in addition to her normal clinic appointments. For details, please email her on

Clare Gibbon

I wanted to thank you for all your help last year Amanda. I’ve absolutely no doubt that you, Loula and Janine helped us achieve our dream of becoming pregnant and having twins is just a great big bonus!


Hi Amanda I wanted to write and thank you for helping me to get through my most difficult moments last year. The ability to open up and clearly voice my opinions and concerns about issues that arise has allowed me to be more confident and strong. I have found myself once again interested in art and photography and I have just run the Round the Bays with my children. Things are going well for us, but if I know if I ever need someone to talk to I know where to look first.Thank you again, I greatly appreciate everything.

John Liptrot

I have a history of ischemic heart disease and made an appointment to consult with Kathleen Cole because my doctor thought he detected a partial blockage in my carotid artery. I also had high blood sugars. I initially received an introductory letter from Kathleen outlining clearly the procedures she would undertake at our first consultation. The Bio-Impedance Analysis Kathleen carried out gave me a Biomarker Index of 86.46 years (I am 75 years old) so that was a shock to the system. Kathleen explained the results very clearly and helped me set goals to lose weight, adjust my diet to alkalise my system, reduce blood sugars, and rehydrate my system. As a result, in just over six months, my Biomarker Index reduced to 74 years, I lost over 8 kilos in weight, and have improving blood tests, although I am still a work in progress! Throughout this time Kathleen has been supportive and encouraging (and has not been too hard on me when I have slid back occasionally!). In between appointments she has been in touch by email, sending through copies of any new research that could be of interest. I look forward to my appointments with Kathleen as we always have a quality consultation and she is unfailingly positive and caring in her approach.

Tracey Waitere-Nadayave

After failing two IVF cycles I was determined to give anything ago to better prepare myself for my final, third IVF treatment. With the professional help from Amanda Collier and her hypnosis therapy sessions there was a great improvement. I became emotionally positive towards myself and my IVF cycle. I practised daily her self-hypnosis which made my life stress-free. I am now successfully 8wks pregnant. At 30 wks I plan to return to Amanda to do a birthing hypnosis to better prepare my mind and my body for an easy blissful delivery.

Natasha, Mum to baby Asher

I cannot thank you enough Amanda Collier for the skills, help and support you gave us. We had the most wonderful drug free, home water birth, everything we could have asked for. Giving birth like this is really is a Super Woman feeling. What a wonderful experience.

Jasmina – History of lower back injury and stress

I know Natalie Griffiths socially and in her professional capacity as my Osteopath. Her holistic approach to Osteopathy is very comforting. It reassures me that the treatment she is administering is with careful and thorough consideration to my situation on an emotional and physical level. Her warm and caring nature puts me at ease and I always leave my treatment feeling an overall calmness and more comfortable then when I walked in.

Joan Sykora, Ph.D

Kathleen Cole has been a hugely knowledgeable and supportive resource for me since my breast cancer diagnosis. She keeps up with the latest research, understands the importance of prevention, and is committed to balancing naturopathic and medical approaches. Kathleen is passionate about her work, she ‘practices what she preaches’ and is kind and supportive in her care. Western medicine probably saved my life—Kate helped me build my strength, stamina and over-all well-being throughout the treatment process.