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Rebekah Paddy, Mother-Well Director

Rebekah Paddy, BA, ND, Dip Herb Med

Mother-Well Director, Naturopath


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Thursdays are via Telehealth / Zoom only

Rebekah Paddy is a Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who specialises in fertility and pre-conception care, pregnancy, women’s and children’s health.

She has lectured Naturopathy at a tertiary level, runs public health seminars in the community and regularly guest speaks at antenatal, postnatal and parent classes around Auckland.

Her passion for her three girls drives her to educate parents so that they feel empowered about their children’s health.

After many years running a busy practice Rebekah has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience.

She works closely with her colleagues at Mother-Well and specialists in related fields, to offer her clients optimal support and expertise.

Rebekah knows how essential the therapeutic relationship is between herself and her clients and acknowledges the importance of sharing and support as part of the process to wellness.

Thank you Rebekah Paddy for your dedication to me and my dream of becoming a mother.

Because of the amazing wisdom and expertise you have shown, I’ve reached my goal! I’m just quietly very over the moon. What a gift – to be given this healthy baby girl and to remain so healthy myself.

Your patience and guidance and knowing exactly what to say at the right time has insured my sanity through this very difficult process and I am extremely grateful to you.


Dear Rebekah,

It’s been way too long since I touched base, I often think of you and am sending love your way.

You guided me though early days of motherhood and set me and my family up for a healthy, happy life. You held so much space for me and I will be forever grateful, I want you to know that.

You inspired my journey into natural health and 6 years later I am still learning and growing in this space. I recently qualified as a Holistic Health Coach, specialising in Gut Health and this month started my Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy❤️.

With thanks, love and health,

Leah Erickson

I first visited Rebekah Paddy when my daughter, Francesca, was 4 months old. Frankie had apparently been in pain with colic and reflux from about 2-3 weeks of age.

For the first two months of her life she would literally scream all evening from about 6pm until 2am, and we tried every trick in the book to get her to sleep. We visited my GP, who, although sympathetic, suggested that all it would take was time.

We also tried chiropractics and osteopathy, but there still wasn’t a huge improvement. So, after exhausting many other options, I decided to see Rebekah. I came home from the appointment and said to my husband ‘at last someone has listened to me, really listened to me, and promised me that together we could fix it’.

Now, only a month later, Frankie is a different baby. I honestly think that Rebekah was able to pin point some of the bigger problems, and treat them accordingly and effectively I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rebekah’ s services to anyone. Not only did she help my daughter, but saved my sanity too!

Rachel Gray

I am so grateful that we had Rebekah Paddy’s guidance over the past few years as we have navigated several health challenges with our kids.

Our son N began life with colic. When we introduced solid food he developed constipation, chronic abdominal pain, and recurrent high fevers of unknown origin. As a new mum I knew that something was wrong and that he was not going to “grow out of it”.

I was impressed by Rebekah’s research informed and expert knowledge of physiology, nutrition, and herbal medicine. She selected specific remedies that provided quick and significant improvements for many of the challenges that we faced. When our lives were ground to a halt with the exhaustion and worry of caring for a sick child, these wins were life changing.

By age 2 N was doing well, however he was having a tough time. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my 2nd pregnancy, then his sister J was born and we were launched back into the throes of colic. Under Rebekah’s guidance we went through the process of identifying food intolerances for J.

This was very successful. We managed to slowly reduce her abdominal pain, improve her sleep and heal her gut before she started solids. She started solids at 6 months with no problems. We were able to carefully reintroduce all the foods that were causing her so many problems when she was exposed to them in my breast milk.

By this stage N had begun struggling with disrupted sleep, fussy eating, abdominal pain, and fatigue. He had also started to struggle with his concentration and he was having frequent bouts of silly disconnected behaviour. N had lost his confidence to try new things and learn new skills. He was not a well boy.

With the new insight we had gained through managing J’s gut health, we became suspicious that there might be some form of dysbiosis causing the food intolerances and subsequent symptoms for both kids.

We took Rebekah’s advice to do an Organic Acids Test in the hope that we could identify factors that might be contributing to N’s persistent yet changeable symptoms. This highly detailed investigation revealed the specific nature of N’s gut dysbiosis and clearly measured the changes in his physiology that were able to account for a wide range of health concerns. With this information Rebekah was able to prescribe a comprehensive and specific treatment plan.

N has now regained his confidence, concentration, and energy. He sleeps through the night, eats without too much fuss. He no longer struggles with recurrent ear infections, fevers or abdominal pain. I am confident that N’s poor gut health was the primary cause of his health concerns. We have got our boy back and the sense of relief is enormous.


I had a rough time in my first pregnancy with nausea and vomiting around the clock. I tolerated it for about 5 months before seeing Rebekah Paddy at Mother-Well.

By that stage I was so run down that I had also developed terrible eczema on my face and hands. I only needed to see Rebekah twice. Each appointment was so comprehensive that my symptoms improved dramatically in the first week.

After another month, I had no residual symptoms of nausea, vomiting or the eczema at all. My general health and energy levels had improved dramatically. Simply by addressing my diet / food intolerances and taking some supplements, I felt completely different.

I’m very grateful for such professional care and friendliness.

Annalees Jones

Mother-Well has been a fantastic “one stop shop” providing ongoing healthcare and advice for my entire family.

Rebekah Paddy has been invaluable with specific health problems like kids allergies & bronchiolitis and provided amazing guidance and support pre, during and post pregnancy.

I am currently taking the ‘Lactagogue Brew’ which has made an incredible difference in improving my milk supply to keep up with an extremely greedy 3 month old while I also race around after a 3 and 5yr old! My GP commented the other day that she hadn’t seen any of us for 8 months – which is pretty amazing over winter when you have 3 littlies!

I have nothing but praise for Mother-Well. Keep up the fantastic work.

Cathy Simpson