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Den Illing, Homeopath at Mother-Well clinic

Den Illing

Homeopath RCHom

Den is a Registered Homeopath dedicated and passionate about supporting and empowering her clients with their health journey. She has a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge gained over 26 years of professional practice. She loves to work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Since graduating in 1997, Den has continued extending her Homeopathic knowledge, keeping current with the latest research and information.

Her two special areas of interest areas in practice are:

  • Supporting people with homeopathy where mental, emotional health or trauma has disrupted their well-being and life quality. She has seen excellent results and has confidence in offering the homeopathic process. Flower essences may also be used for support, providing a gentle and powerful healing approach. They can also assist with stress management, life direction, self-confidence, and behavioural patterns.
  • She also loves working with children and families. For many years, they have played a vital role in her practice.

Some of the things Den loves in life are enjoying fabulous food and time with family and friends. Outdoor living, walking, swimming, and gardening. And returning to her home in beautiful Hokianga.