Loula George, BSc, ND, Dip Herb Med

Loula George - Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Loula George is a registered naturopath and medical herbalist specialising in women’s health, fertility and genetic profiling. She has had over 25 years of experience.
Loula supports women with their general and reproductive health from menarche to menopause and beyond.
She is very passionate about natural fertility and preconception health. Loula guides people through a preconception health programme which is designed to increase the chances of conceiving a healthy child for those who are either having problems conceiving or having recurrent miscarriages. However, it is also for people who have no fertility issues but would like to prepare for a healthy pregnancy to ensure the best start to their baby’s life.
Loula’s work in genetic profiling is a very useful tool when looking at fertility. DNA testing offers a chance to fine tune dietary and lifestyle choices to optimise your own health and thus pass on a stronger, healthier genetic imprint to your children and possibly your grandchildren.
Loula is also involved in teaching and mentoring and runs public health seminars in the community. For more information on Loula’s work, click on http://www.naturalfertility-womenshealth.co.nz/

Rebekah Paddy, BA, ND, Dip Herb Med

Rebekah Paddy - Naturopath & Medical HerbalistRebekah Paddy is a Registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who specialises in fertility and pre-conception care, pregnancy, women’s and children’s health. She lectures Naturopathy at a tertiary level, runs public health seminars in the community and regularly guest speaks at antenatal, postnatal and parent classes around Auckland. Her passion for her three girls drives her to educate parents so that they feel empowered about their children’s health. After many years running a busy practice Rebekah has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience. She works closely with her colleagues at Mother-Well and specialists in related fields, to offer her clients optimal support and expertise. Rebekah knows how essential the therapeutic relationship is between herself and her clients and acknowledges the importance of sharing and support as part of the process to wellness.

Inga von Benzon, ND, BT

Inga von Benzon - Naturopath & Bowen TherapistInga von Benzon is a registered Naturopath and Bowen Therapist, and has been in private practice since 2005. Inga specializes in EAV, a computerized analysis and treatment system. Heavy metal and chemical toxicity, allergies and food sensitivities are only a few examples of imbalances that are addressed with this system. To find out more, go to www.holistichealthclinic.co.nz
Bowen therapy is a gentle form of bodywork to repair and relax body and mind. It is beneficial for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly. It should be considered for back/neck/sciatica pain, migraines, menstrual and hormonal imbalances, respiratory problems, sports and accident related injuries, to name a few.Inga also teaches Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique. For course details, email her directly inga@holisticwellbeing.kiwi.nz

Lydia Dorotich, BCom, ND, Dip Herb Med

Lydia Dorotich - Naturopath & Medical HerbalistLydia is a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist specialising in women’s health pregnancy and fertility. Women’s bodies change throughout their lifetime which can present in a roller coaster of health issues – PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Pregnancy, Infertility, Menopause just to name a few. Lydia works at delving into the cause of your health issues be it dietary, hormonal, gut health or lifestyle and works at finding a treatment plan that will address these issues. Lydia also treats babies and children working with issues such as allergies, eczema and low immunity.She uses practical diet and lifestyle changes and where needed herbal medicine and supplements to support clients back to optimal health. She is inspired by seeing her clients take charge of their own health and walk out the door with energy, knowledge and confidence to maintain their health moving forward.
She often offers regular supported clean eating programs to the community as well as workshops and talks. Lydia is also on the committee of the Naturopath’s & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) serving in the role as Treasurer.
To find out more visit her website http://www.naturopathichealth.co.nz/

Robyn Miller, Dispensary Manager

Robyn Miller - Dispensary ManagerRobyn is our Dispensary manager. She is used to dealing with people in all kinds of difficult situations from working as a Veterinary Nurse for 15 years. She has a real empathy with couples who are on the fertility/infertility journey having experienced this for many years herself and having experienced a wide range of treatments. As well as having a passion for natural health, her other love is cats, and has a successful cat minding business alongside her work at Mother- Well.