Dr. Morella Lascurain, Medical Doctor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, PG Dip Health Science in MindBody Healthcare

Dr Morella Lascurain - Clinical HypnotherapistMorella originally practiced conventional medicine, but soon realised that her patients’ illnesses generally began or were aggravated by circumstances they perceived as stressful. Fascinated by the link between mind and physical illness, she has dedicated over 15 years to the study and practice of mind body healthcare modalities.
Inspired by her knowledge of classical hypnosis, whole person healthcare, NLP and strategic coaching, she has developed Narrative Hypnotherapy to help people train their minds to help their bodies heal. She is an international speaker and regularly trains therapists in her unique approach to healthcare. To find out more, click here

Kate O’Connor – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist

It is particularly important to Kate that she can be effective in working with people to help them appreciate the ways that thoughts, emotions and behaviours influence health and well-being and so together they can work with this knowledge to create change on the path to wellness. In order to achieve this mind-body awareness, she uses her knowledge of Hypnotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Kate uses her wealth of experience from her life as a nurse in General Medicine, Mental Health, and many years worked as a Midwife. She works happily with most health challenges, and especially enjoys the privilege of working with women to help them empower themselves to positively influence their fertility and have a happy, healthy pregnancy and post-natal time. Of special interest to Kate is working with women to dispel the effects of anxiety and fear around birthing, as well as traumatic memories following a past traumatic birth.
Kate is an ACC treatment provider for the treatment of physical injuries.
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Ute Frerichs, Psychology BA, Classical Homeopath Dip Hom, Reiki Master/Teacher

Ute Frerichs - Classical Homeopath & Reiki Master
Ute is a classically trained Homeopath, a Reiki Master, and holds a degree in Psychology and Ethics from the University of Auckland. She combines her extensive knowledge absorbed from her studies and from working with clients for more than 20 years as a Homeopath and Reiki master. Ute works holistically and spiritually to help people attain insight and perspective. Her main area of expertise is emotional and metaphysical balancing. She specialises in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and stress-related physical health issues, as well as behavioural imbalances in children.
Because Ute’s approach is holistic, she incorporates the individual’s own perspective on what is happening in their life, with an analysis of life patterns of behaviour and conditioning. She works with the perceptions of the individual that do not serve them and incorporates the client’s higher self, the karmic life lessons that are relevant for them, and the very nature of their soul to facilitate change from the heart.
She is a gifted natural Empath and Emotional Intuitive. With psychic insights, she helps her clients recognise and dissolve their emotional blockages and limitations, and assists them on their path of healing transformation.
Ute teaches Reiki from Beginner to Master Level and Homeopathic First Aid.
She also creates beautiful gemstone bracelets which she infuses with healing light energy to support women on their path to health and wellbeing. These bracelets are for sale at Motherwell.