Jenny Millett

Jenny Millett is always continuing to learn new techniques and ways to give you the best massage she can.  These are the different styles you can choose from.


Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in your life, it is so incredible but can be very uncomfortable and even painful at times.  Pregnancy massage can help to alleviate any aches and pains you have, especially in the back and hips.  It improves blood and lymphatic circulation helping to reduce swelling in the legs and hands and can help with carpal tunnel in your wrists.  It doesn’t just help you on a physical level but can reduce your stress levels making for a calmer pregnancy and birth experience.  Nurture your body so you can nurture the life within you.

Jenny uses the Side lying position as it is the safest and reduces any strain on your body and then prop you up with a bolster and pillows so you are super comfortable.

Duration, 1 hour, cost $120


Post natal

Those first 6 weeks can be tough!  You are sleep deprived, in a totally new experience where you may not feel like you know what you are doing, you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a weak, you are loaded with hormones which can send you into floods of tears, and usually the breast feeding position you get into looks nothing like the one they taught you!  This can lead you to feel emotionally drained and physically sore from tight shoulders and back from feeding or just walking round the room half the night with a baby crying on your shoulder.  Post natal massage can be a balm for the soul, a little time out just for you and a chance to get those kinks soothed out and will leave you feeling recharged and ready for the rest of the day, and night! 

There is a very good proverb that says  “Calm mother, calm baby” and a massage can help you feel that way.

Duration 1 hour, cost $120


Bespoke aromatherapy massage

Essential oils have long been used for their therapeutic qualities and ability to help soothe emotional states.  Jenny uses muscle testing to ask your body which oils you need to bring about a balance in your mind, body and soul. She then gives you a massage that deeply relaxes you and takes you into the space where your stress response has has a chance to re-calibrate and you can drift off into a calm state.  At the end of the massage she will give you your own personal blended essential oils in a roller ball which you can apply to the pulse points on your wrists and neck at anytime you need to take you back to the calm space you were in during the massage. 

Length 1 hour 15 minutes, cost $150


Everybody massage

Because everybody deserves a massage!  All ages can benefit from the healing power of touch, in the elderly it can sometimes be their only source of physical contact and for children they can learn what calm feels like, teaching their bodies how to access it for themselves.

Duration 1 hour, cost $120


Home visits

We have all had days when it is an effort to get out of your pj’s let alone to get out of the house so let Jenny come to you.  This can be especially beneficial for woman in their final days of pregnancy or in those first 6 weeks after birth when everything can be a sleep deprived blur.  But this is for all woman as there is nothing as divine as having a massage at home and then melting off the table into your dressing gown to relax on the couch or even go to bed.

Duration 1 hour, cost $160 or an hour and a half as sometimes 1 hour is not enough!  Cost $185


Micro fascial unwinding

This therapy is very gentle with the patient remaining fully clothed.  It is for people that need to get out of the fight or flight stress response that can sometimes overwhelm us and remain switched on.  This technique involves different hand hold positions over the body that calm your nervous system allowing you to go into deep relaxation where your body can heal on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Duration 1 hour    Cost $120


Gift vouchers

We have never met a woman who hasn’t been happy about receiving a massage as a gift voucher!!  It’s a great baby shower gift that can be collectively bought by friends or as a finishing work present, or just for someone special to you that you think needs sometime out for them.