Our understanding is that a human being is not just made up of physical parts, but is a synergy of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, including our relationships with ourselves, our community and our environment. Our aim as an integral medicine centre is to utilise a comprehensive approach to health and to address all these aspects in treating any illness, acute or chronic.
Our multidisciplinary team, which combines allopathic medicine with natural therapies and mind body techniques, offers diverse ways to address the issues that may be occurring in any of these realms.

The following Mother-Well practitioners specialise in General Health:

Janine Cuff. Acupuncture
Loula George. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
Rebecca McKay-Watts. Osteopathy
Rebekah Paddy. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
Dr Morella Lascurain. Mind Body Healthcare and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Lydia Dorotich. Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
Ute Frerichs. Homeopathy and Reiki
Inga von Benzon. Bowen Therapy

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