Dr. Jan’s Winter WELLNESS Prescription

Warmth & water : chilling of airways creates vulnerability to infection, so keep warm, NOSE-BREATH (to warm, humidify & filter air), drink 6-8 glasses of warm water throughout the day (water helps the body trap & remove bacteria/viruses in the mucous layer lining nose, sinus & airways & sweep outward via millions of microscopic hair cells (cilia) beating 7x/second), keep your body warm.
Exercise:  persons who are physically fit get 0-1 cold or respiratory infections/year compared to sedentary persons who get 5-6 colds/yr.  Sedentary woman who began walking had far less colds which resolved more quickly. Enjoyable exercise at ocean/bush/green spaces (Four hours in the bush boosts immunity for a week after.  Earth/ocean to skin contact (hands in garden or barefoot on beach).
Love:  people who are optimistic & love life with it’s exciting challenges ( vs life as negative, full of problems) get fewer respiratory infections. Mothers who enjoyed their infant had less colds as did also their baby. Often young children get infections because of too much separation from Mum, especially in daycare (goldmine of germs!) that overwhelms their immature systems physically &emotionally. In adults lots of social support and hugs improve resistance to viral infections
Laughter:   Laughter stimulates the thymus  gland (upper chest) producing “T” cells that fight infection & generally strengthens the immune system, laugh with family, children & friends, pets!
Nutrition:  for optimal immune function Vitamin A, C, D, zinc, essential fatty acids, antioxidants. Trace minerals found in deeply coloured ( rainbow mix) fresh vegetables & fruits, whole grains, nuts/seeds, probiotics
Avoid sugar, refined white flour products, processed fats/foods that impair gut flora/immune function
Eliminate  toxins:  smoking & other inhaled toxins increase respiratory infections; drugs, excessive alcohol, marijuana, sugar, processed foods , repeated antibiotics can impair your immune system.
Stress reduction:  chronic anger, worrying or anxiety reduces immunity (reduced function of natural killer cells that destroy viruses& bacteria & cancer cells). Often colds/ flus are your body’s way of giving you a break from overwork & stress, so pace yourself with balance of rest, play, fun, meditation, deep relaxation, visualise a strong immunity, abdominal breathing, play life as a challenging game.
Sleep / sunshine/rest :  your immune system works best in sleep, we need more sleep in winter because of more darkness that triggers melatonin, our sleep hormone which makes us sleepy. Melatonin can be interrupted by lights,TV, computer screens in the evening.  Be in bed asleep by 9.30-10pm, ideally after a dimmed light & calming “wind-down” e.g. warm bath, meditation, candle only. Often our body develops a cold or flu as a signal that we need more rest & sleep –or need to slow down  or stop all the busyness in our lives/children’s lives.  Vitamin D (from sunshine) protects against influenza and other respiratory infections so expose  as much skin as possible  without  sunscreen for short times periods to avoid redness or  burning.
Dr. Jan’s recover your Wellness Rx:
Simple ways to support your body to heal (sore throats, cold, cough, “flu”  ) this winter
Warmth & water:  when ill you […]

Dr. Jan Raymond, B. Med Sc., M.D., M. Ed (Counselling Psychology)

Dr Jan Raymond - Integrative GPDr. Jan Raymond has 35 years experience working as a GP. She holds a Master’s degree in counselling, and has trained in homeopathy, nutritional and environmental medicine, mind-body medicine, art/movement therapy and various aspects of Integrative medicine. Over the years, she has developed a tremendous respect for the self-regulating and healing abilities of our bodies. Thus she works in partnership with patients to help empower them to support their needs at all levels…physical, mental, relational and spiritual, to achieve wholeness in joyful well being. She is also particularly committed to supporting parents to empower their children to grow vibrant health.

Dr Anna Harvey- B. Med Sc.

Dr Anna Harvey - Integrative GPDr. Anna Harvey qualified from Auckland medical school in 1989 and has worked as a general practitioner for over 25 years. She has an interest in natural healing modalities & mind/body medicine. She has trained as a qigong teacher & healer since 2004. Dr. Anna worked in an alternative general practice for 10 years in Wellington and for 3 years in a low income practice in Lower Hutt before joining AIM.
She enjoys listening & helping people with their unique health challenges.

Meera Daya, NZ Registered Nurse

Meera Daya - Registered NurseMeera is a qualified Registered Nurse. She also has a diploma in Psychology specializing in behavior change. She has worked in both hospital and community settings and has a great passion for women’s and child health and well being. She enjoys building relationships with clients to find ways to best optimize their health needs and prevent illness. Outside of work, Meera understands the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and enjoys camping, dancing and spending time with family

Deanne Chandler, NZ Registered Nurse

Deanne Chandler, registered nurseDeanne is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience. She has worked in a variety of nursing roles, both in New Zealand and overseas. She has always been interested in looking at health holistically especially after her 3 children were born. She enjoys with her clients to assist them to improve their health through diet, exercise/movement, and mind/body in a holistic way. Outside of work she is dedicated to practicing what she preaches. She enjoys swimming, skiing, dance, yoga, and spending time with her family and friends. She eats well and regularly practices mindfulness/meditation and gratitude.