Auckland Integrative Medicine Centre (AIM) is a general medical practice founded by Dr. Jan Raymond. The philosophy of AIM has its roots in Dr. Raymond’s 35 years of ongoing curious exploration of the ingredients and pathways of health and healing -mostly learning from her patients-. The doctors at AIM have developed a tremendous respect for the self-regulating and healing abilities of the body. Thus they work in partnership with patients to help empower them to support their needs at all levels…physical, mental, relational and spiritual, to achieve wholeness in well being. They are also particularly committed to support parents to empower their children to grow vibrant health.

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Preparing and protecting yourself from the Covid-19 corona virus by Dr Jan Raymond, from the Auckland Integrative Medical Centre at Mother-Well

Dear  Patients , 

Every year we coach some of you to build a strong immune system for  Winter Wellness.   But  this year, with the Covid -19 corona virus outbreak, we have even more reason to live in ways that strengthen our immune systems.

Since Covid -19 corona virus infection has no specific drug/anti-viral treatment,  prevention is even more important.  We can prevent becoming seriously ill with Covid -19 corona virus in two ways:

  1. Protect yourself from contact with (someone infected with) the Covid-19 virus.
  2. Strengthen your  immune  system with a  ‘ Wellness’   lifestyle.
  1. Protect yourself from contact with (someone infected with) the Covid-19 virus.  Since the virus is spread from water droplets from the nose and  mouth as  well as from contact with faeces,  basic hygiene is paramount.  That means hand washing after going to the toilet , handwashing before  preparing or  eating food,  handwashing after out in contact in public places  ( supermarket, shops etc).  Handwashing ,  Handwashing , Handwashing ! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap &water  for 20 -30 seconds..(while you sing your favorite song or   say  your  favourite blessing or prayer or gratitude expression.  For further information on hygiene and other precautions such as travelling, or  contact with travellers ,  please visit the NZ government website: or   phone  Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number, 0800 358 5453, which is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  1. Strengthen your  immune  system with a (Winter)  Wellness lifestyle.  The attached “Winter Wellness” sheet lists the simple lifestyle and interventions proven to increase your ability to fight any infections including viruses such Influenza  and Covid-19.   Remember  that over hundreds of thousands of years of  evolution our immune system  has developed sophisticated complex processes to fight viruses ( the intricacies of which we still are  discovering) . 

In most people,  Covid-19 is a minor cold like illness.  It is elderly people who have existing diabetes, heart , respiratory and other significant diseases that are vulnerable.  ( Also 71% are men) The mortality rate ( John Hopkins ) currently is around 2%  but  as of February 11 and the mortality rate outside China is much lower (0.4%; 2/464) [1]. The mortality rates of SARS ( which  we had in 2002  was much higher9.5% .   

  • Remain calm !!,  prepare yourself,trust and support your body’s highly developed innate intelligence.  The media uses sensationalism and fear to sell its news and is and will have a hayday selling the frightening aspects of  Covid-19 story as it unfolds.   Humans have evolved the “negativity bias”  which means we are  much more drawn to and remember the bad things that could  threaten our  health much more than “good news”.   But ongoing chronic worry actually lowers your immune function.  It’s not just the ‘stress’ but our response to stress that  counts.
  • Now is the time to get out in the remainder summer sun to have your body stock up on Vitamin D …expose as much surface area of skin to the sun for shorter periods before burning….while exercising (walking, cycling etc) is ideal .   If you have dark skin then it would be best to start vitamin D supplement from April onwards  2000 IU daily or the prescription of 50,000 IU fortnightly
  • Now is the time to do the other  immune supportive ways of living as noted on the Winter wellness attached

For patients with possible Covid -19 corona virus contact and/or illness. Please, if you need an urgent medical appointment:

When you arrive at the clinic please stay in your car and text the receptionist of your arrival.  Remain in your car and preferably wear a surgical mask.  If you do not have a mask we can provide you one ( @ cost $1.00) before entering the clinic.   The nurse or doctor will come out to your car and escort you into a special room for your consultation.  You will then be escorted back to your car and you will need to pay for the consultation either online  or post in a cheque. This is to protect other people at reception,  waiting room etc.

Following these instructions and protecting yourself and your family and friends can mean that the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus remain limited,  and you continue your good health!

Warm regards,

Jan Raymond, Auckland integrative Medical Centre

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