Mother-Well was founded in 2004 by Rebekah Paddy, a naturopath and medical herbalist, and Dr Morella Lascurain, a medical doctor. They originally wished to provide an alternative in healthcare to pregnant women, mothers and their children. The two of them gathered a team of natural health practitioners who worked together as a multidisciplinary team. In 2007, Loula George, an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist, well known for her work in the field of women’s health, fertility and preconception care merged with them to create a larger health centre. By then, the team included 17 practitioners from different fields. Early 2011, Auckland Integrative Medical Centre, a medical group headed by Dr Jan Raymond, a GP with over 30 years experience with a focus on caring for the mind, body, spirit and emotions, joined the practice, realising Mother-Well’s long held vision of becoming a truly integrated health clinic.

Mother-Well operates as an integral model, which thrives on the power of open communication and collaboration between independent practitioners with different skills and scopes of practice. They provide a variety of tools that clients can use to transform themselves and their lifestyles in order to take charge of their own health. The mission of the group is to offer healthcare within the framework of Mother-Well’s five main principles: quality of care, empowerment, hope, integrity and commitment.


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