Rebecca McKay-Watts, BAppSc (HB), MOst (Hons)

Image_RebeccaMcKayWattsRebecca always wanted to help people in some way, and found osteopathy offered the healthcare approach that suited her best. Osteopaths are in a unique position in rehabilitation and allied healthcare. They are able to spend more time with clients and really listen to what they say; they look at the body as a whole, making diagnoses that are informed and cohesive, and offer solutions that are functional and effective.
Rebecca loves being in a profession through which she can assist people make positive changes in their health and lives. The ‘light bulb’ health moments are what keep her interested, learning, and passionate. As well as general osteopathy, she specialises in the treatment of pregnant women, babies, and children. She has attended and continues to attend courses both in obstetrics and paediatrics and has gained experience by working in several osteopathic clinics with a focus on these fields. For Rebecca, supporting and helping a woman throughout her pregnancy is a privilege. Also, helping families who are struggling with feeding issues, colicky or unsettled babies and seeing the difference osteopathy can make continues to be wonderful. Rebecca is also a clinical supervisor for the Masters of Osteopathy programme at Unitec.To find out more, click here

Lorelei Messersmith, BAppSc (HB), MOst.

LoreleiLorelei first experienced osteopathy as a patient with an injured shoulder; she was impressed with the speed of her recovery and the multi-faceted approach that the osteopath took to reduce her pain and aid in her recovery.  Years later, getting herself and her first daughter treated for latching difficulties had a huge positive impact on the early years of motherhood.
As an osteopath, Lorelei has a special interest in easing the transition of becoming a new family by aiding the mother’s body to best adapt to pregnancy, birth and after, and helping the new little people adjust physically to life outside the womb.  She loves a profession that is inherently focused on healing by finding and treating the root cause of the person’s symptoms, while respecting each person’s individuality and humanity.  Lorelei has completed several postgraduate courses in paediatric and general osteopathy, and keeps up to date on recent research involving primary care and nutrition.