Emma McLean, Dip Therapeutic Massage, Dip Aromatherapy, Dip Bodyworks, Cert Infant Massage Instructor

image_emmamacleanEmma McLean has 12 years experience as a pregnancy massage therapist and is also an Infant Massage Instructor for Plunket, The Parenting Place and Central Auckland Parents Centre. Emma is available for massage treatments at Mother-Well Holistic Health, at her own house and for home visits. She shows empathy, understanding and respect for each unique mother and her child, and provides a specially tailored massage to suit their needs. Emma also runs postnatal Coffee Group Massage sessions at Mother-Well on Tuesday mornings, giving recent mothers the opportunity of a much needed massage whilst friends chat and look after their babies. She is also introducing a “Massage in Schools” programme into Auckland, which is part of an international organisation, and is endorsed in the UK by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Ministry of Education.To find out more, click here