Auckland Integrative Medicine Centre (AIM) is a general medical practice founded by Dr. Jan Raymond. The philosophy of AIM has its roots in Dr. Raymond’s 35 years of ongoing curious exploration of the ingredients and pathways of health and healing -mostly learning from her patients-. The doctors at AIM have developed a tremendous respect for the self-regulating and healing abilities of the body. Thus they work in partnership with patients to help empower them to support their needs at all levels…physical, mental, relational and spiritual, to achieve wholeness in well being. They are also particularly committed to support parents to empower their children to grow vibrant health.


The following practitioners are part of Auckland Integrative Medical Centre (AIM):

Dr. Jan Raymond. General practice

Dr. Louise Kuegler. General practice

Dr. Kerry Lamb. General practice

Camilla Rombouts. Registered nurse

Patricia Lodge. Registered nurse

Click on the video below to know more about our doctors: